Derek Macrae

Toronto Guitarist

Common Questions Answered

Derek Macrae performing at Ristorante Julia in Oakville

Do you need to amplify the guitar?

Usually Derek will amplify the guitar. In some cases, such as small wedding ceremonies, with 60 or fewer guests, amplification is not necessary.


On the date of the performance do we need to provide you with anything? A chair? A microphone?

Derek brings absolutely everything that he needs. All that is required is a small space of approx. 4 ft. x 4 ft. to perform.


Do you require an electrical outlet?

Derek usually plugs into an electrical outlet. If the performance is not close to an electrical outlet (golf course, remote area), Derek has battery powered amplification that can be used.


What happens if we decide to book you?

If you would like to make a booking, Derek will send you a simple written agreement in the mail. The planning of your music program can be done anytime that is convenient for you.


Do we need to meet in-person to plan our wedding music?

Meeting in-person is an excellent way to plan your wedding music. The music planning can also be done by phone or email if you prefer.


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